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The IoT Christmas Wish List


The holiday season – a time to celebrate with loved ones, bask in the light of glamorous decorations, enjoy heaps of delicious food. Of course, for some, it means quiet time at the office too, but not for Santa Claus and his busy elves.

We got a hold of one of Santa’s letters from not-so-little George, marked with the notes from the elves to give you a peek of what is up on the wish list this year. It reads:

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas, I want something smart! I promise I have been a good adult the whole year, so could I please have:

  • A smart car

Note from elf: Connected vehicles are one of the fastest-growing markets. The Internet of Things makes it possible for the car or truck to send and receive data. With IoT, we can track it, learn if something is about to break before it does, or turn on the entertainment system. Smart cars can also detect if they are about to hit something.

Note 2: Install tracking on the sleigh, so we know where around the world Santa is and if we are on schedule!

  • A smart fridge!

Note from elf: Many appliances rely on the Internet of Things. From a smart fridge that can create shopping lists, through smart lights that change the hue, to the security camera at the front door, the modern house is a truly connected experience. A smart home utilizes not only a wide array of connected tech inside but also relies on remotely connected meters from the utility company.

Note 2: Maybe we can upgrade the shop with some smart machines to help us monitor how we make the presents? We can surely optimize the paper-wrapping station!

  • A smart flowerpot!

Note from elf: Smart flowerpots can have all sorts of sensors to tell the human if the flower has everything it needs. These work exactly like the ones used for smart agriculture. Temperature, moisture, soil nutrient levels, airflow are just some examples. They even use IoT to automate and monitor their farms and fields.

Note 2: Install sensors in reindeer houses to monitor optimal living conditions.

  • A new wearable!

Note from elf: These are small items that monitor your health. They can send real-time information and save lives in case of an emergency. Many people use them to help them live healthier lives or monitor patients.

Note 2: We can absolutely get some for ourselves to make sure all elves are happy and healthy.

Final note: Let’s start by checking how we can implement these things.

To equip Santa's Workshop with IoT-enabled devices, contact our team, and we will draft a plan for the elves.

Merry Christmas from the Velos IoT team! 

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