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pharmaceutical cold chain management

Why Is Cellular IoT-based Pharmaceutical Cold Chain Management Important?

The pharmaceutical sector is an industry that has some of the most complex and critical logistics challenges around. And a key challenge within this sector is cold chain management.

While some medicines can be stored at room temperature, many require specific low temperatures to remain safe and effective. That means these temperatures must be maintained throughout the supply chain without disruption.

In this article, we'll look at the challenges presented by this and how cellular IoT can serve as a solution.

What are the challenges of cold chain management?

Tracking low temperatures without interruption

As temperature-sensitive medications move from the manufacturing site to pharmacies and offices, they travel through buildings, vehicles, and temporary holdings, eventually ending up in their pre-customer destination.

Even a few minutes of exposure to a warmer temperature can damage some products' potency. And while preventing products from getting too warm is essential, it’s also important to know whether or not they’ve been exposed to warmer temperatures.

Interruptions in the tracking process can cause doctors and pharmacists to prescribe ineffective medication unknowingly. A system needs to be in place to provide end-to-end tracking.

Instant communication is difficult (but necessary)

In today's world, consistent real-time visibility is a must. Pharmacists and medical professionals need to know where medications are located and what temperatures they're currently exposed to, and teams need readily available communications on hand.

As you might expect, each of these things can be a challenge to provide. You don't necessarily know where a product will be at any given time, which can make it hard to guarantee constant connectivity.

Additionally, making this real-time visibility practical and affordable requires networking knowledge and resources that pharmacists and logistics providers simply can't offer.

The benefits of cellular IoT-based pharmaceutical cold chain management

Fortunately, cellular IoT connectivity is a great solution for cold chain management. IoT, or the Internet of Things, is a technology that allows software, sensors, and other devices to communicate with one another constantly. Here are some of the benefits that can bring to cold chain management.

Real-time temperature reporting

Because IoT sensors are smart, always-on, always-connected devices, they provide around-the-clock temperature reporting.

Additionally, IoT devices and sensors can be made very small. This allows them to be placed closer to the product, making their temperature readings more accurate. Rather than having a single tracker per truck, you could have a temperature tracker in every package.

Cold chain delivery safety

With IoT sensors, you can monitor all parts of your pharmaceutical supply chain. You can curate more data, ensure a greater level of safety, and enhance your logistics with a nearly automated approach.

Transparency for in-transit goods

Because most of the tracking provided by IoT devices is automated, you get real-time insights and increased safety without compromising visibility.

At every point of your supply chain, you can check in and see where your products are and what temperature they're currently being exposed to. Plus, you can easily contact the teams involved in transporting them.

This also frees up your transportation teams to work more efficiently, making transit faster and safer.

How can Velos IoT assist in achieving effective pharmaceutical cold chain management?

Of course, not all IoT partners are created equal. To enjoy these benefits and more, you need an experienced provider with resources to support your IoT endeavours.

Velos IoT is well-equipped to be that partner. With years of IoT experience, Velos IoT can offer the following features and more.

600+ networks across more than 200 countries and territories

Velos IoT has 600+ networks available across more than 200 countries and territories. That means that no matter where or when you're products are being transported, you'll have real-time insights and global connectivity at your fingertips.

Flexible pricing and no lock-in effects

Not all cold chain management systems have the same needs or cover the same scope. For that reason, Velos IoT offers flexible pricing without lock-in effects. It's easy to start, and if you change your mind, it's just as easy to migrate to another provider.

An all-in-one solution

Velos IoT is designed to be an all-in-one solution. We provide a management platform, SIMs to keep your devices connected, the network you'll use to connect your devices, and a simple billing system. It's your one-stop for everything IoT.

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