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Top 3 Things to look for in IoT Solutions

For IoT solutions to be successful they need a complete ecosystem of components. Most noteworthy, customers buy a solution to a specific problem where IoT is part of that solution.

The IoT ecosystem starts by combining sensors, connectivity and software. In addition, the focus is on near real-time analysis, insight and action.

IoT Solutions that will make the difference

We will now look at three things to look out for in a modern IoT solution. For the IoT solution to work in harmony, it needs modern software and protocols and runs in the cloud. Consequently, software-driven solutions enable programmers to update software without breaking the ecosystem.

1. Find a specific problem to solve that is measurable.

A common problem for modern industries is the transition to IoT. This is the case with operators within the B2B2C sector, faced with new business models.

Furthermore, there is a rapid growth of IoT-enabled devices being shipped to customers. This has resulted in the demand for automation, ensuring quality standards. Along with the need for the lowest possible amount of handling and support costs.

Industrial customers not only need connectivity but also a complete management platform. Along with relevant supply chain functionality and automated provisioning. Therefore providing deep insight and advanced billing capabilities.

With the Velos IoT Nomad Platform, automation is the core of the architecture. As a result of using workflows, it ensures a 100% degree of automation.

This enables companies to focus on their core business and make a real difference to keep up with demand.

2. Look for solutions that can do correlation and analytics.

To ensure IoT brings value to a business it needs a certain amount of intelligence.  Therefore at the heart of Velos IoT's IoT solution is the Nomad Connectivity Management Platform, a unique platform for building IoT solutions. As a result, it enables connectivity, provisioning and monitoring.  Along with diagnosing third-party applications and devices.

Furthermore, Velos IoT’s solution offers robust support and commercial and technical flexibility.

Utilising the Velos IoT Nomad CMP enables fast searching for customers. As a result, selecting one displays the customer portfolio and its associated information.

Furthermore, it displays a converged view of all devices and applications. And Includes operating status, battery levels and connectivity information.

The platform enables deep correlation insights. Using various interactions including suspension of service and real-time location tracking. And offers BI insights from the CMP portal.

Valuable analytics information comes in the form of different graphs. For example customer usage across Zones and customer revenue per month. In addition, it provides per-portfolio and device reports that can be added to a PowerPoint presentation.

Especially relevant, today’s IoT solutions can make data access simpler, and easier to consume and act upon.

3. Develop a broad IoT security policy.

IoT security is one of the biggest challenges. As a result of the fast growth of cellular IoT devices. These devices have very thin computing capabilities. This means the IoT fleet can be very vulnerable to hackers.

Hence, it is critical to guarantee the device's identity. Along with authentication, message encryption and data integrity. And all this is needed from the moment of provisioning, through the life of the device.

Velos IoT Solution Overview White Paper

Velos IoT Product Overview CoverGet a free copy of the Velos IoT solution overview white paper, to find out how Velos IoT can support you overcome these challenges with IoT connectivity, open roaming SIMs and managed IoT connectivity platform. From this white paper, you will gain insights into what our solution is, service highlights and the benefits to your business. 

Find out more about the Velos Nomad IoT platform architecture and the future of IoT. 


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