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Velos IoT Managed Mobile WAN Solution for Point-of-Sale services

Velos IoT's secure managed mobile WAN solution has enabled Point-of-Sale services to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

As a result of using the Velos IoT Nomad's diameter-based real-time connectivity monitoring, PoS service providers can deploy faster. Also, addressing connectivity issues, and getting immediate feedback on connectivity status via email, or text. Therefore, resulting in the quick remedy of any issues.

"With an ever-increasing need for mobility and fast deployment of services we selected Velos IoT. Our partner of choice, Velos IoT complements our other dial and IP services. Velos IoT IoT's secure managed mobile WAN solution gives us reliability, flexibility, and a unique platform." - Alan Stephenson Brown, SVP of International Sales & Business Development at Phoenix Managed Networks.

Phoenix Managed Networks is a premium provider of network and security solutions. Most of all, it provides a solution for provisioning wireless services for Mobile PoS devices. They service customers such as processors and acquiring banks worldwide, that demand high-performance services that are secure.

How Point-of-Sale Mobile WAN helps with Connectivity

Velos IoT's managed mobile WAN gives access to over 600 roaming agreements worldwide. This enables a global view of mobile devices, so you can manage costs and use them more effectively. Furthermore, the geo-redundant resilient network architecture supports some of the world’s largest financial institutions. 

Finally, the Mobile Core has a defined and audited change management process. This ensures unparalleled network reliability that banks and other businesses depend on.

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Having a high-performance WAN is key to enabling your business to grow.  As a result, it enables you to collaborate with partners and suppliers to ramp up production. Also, speed up the delivery of high-demand products and create a better customer experience. At, Velos IoT we have the expertise to help companies of all sizes with their challenges.

Phoenix Managed Network Case Study LP ThumbnailFind out more about our fast, reliable and secure managed WAN solution. And how we can help your PoS performance, by reading our Phoenix Managed Network PoS case study.


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