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Real Time Managed IoT Connectivity Platform

Take full control of IoT devices with a managed IoT connectivity platform that empowers you with real-time connectivity management and device management.

Managed IoT Connectivity Platform for efficient IoT deployment

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The Managed IoT connectivity platform provides all the comprehensive tools and resources needed for a cost-effective IoT deployment.

Designed to help prevent issues before they impact your business using real-time diagnosis of IoT devices, therefore keeping mission-critical infrastructure working in the most profitable way.

 Connectivity Management Features


Connectivity Management allows you to easily control the status of all your IoT devices using real-time diagnostics information.

The Velos IoT connectivity platform has a broad array of connectivity management features. As a result, it allows easy connectivity management of deployed IoT SIMs in a secure environment.

To manage the product lifecycle of your IoT deployment, it is essential that you have detailed function-rich estate management visibility into the usage of each individual SIM.

Furthermore, Nomad Connectivity Management provides visual analytics, deep reporting with HLR statistics and dynamic coverage selector with location information.

Device Management Features

Device Management allows you to turn on and off any connected device from a remote location. The Nomad Platform enables you to provision devices, activate and start billing, and suspend or cancel devices, all from one platform.

Most noteworthy, it allows the automation of the communication process between IoT devices.

As a result, achieve a significant improvement in productivity within your business. Furthermore, device management helps perform fast and simple bulk operations.

Nomad will automatically provide daily and monthly summaries and detailed reports with rated billing events. In addition, you get enhanced visual analytics, device-level reporting and account-level billing information.

As a result, it provides the information needed to understand the performance of your IoT application and uncover any root cause or cost drivers.

Watchdog Alerts

Another great feature of the Nomad IoT connectivity management platform is the watchdog alerts. You can easily create real-time alerts on device activity, therefore giving you proactive control of your IoT devices by notifying you of any issues.

Are you looking for the right IoT connectivity management platform? Find out how Velos IoT can help with our Nomad IoT Platform.

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