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Kid Trackers

IoT enabled tracking enhances children safety

Keeping our children safe has become much easier thanks to IoT-enabled tracking.  Kid Tracking acts as a guardian that looks over a child's shoulder, alerting their parents when they've gone missing.   

Current child tracking technologies and their drawbacks

Child tracking wearables or smartphone apps have been around for a while now.  Many devices have failed to live up to consumer expectations. Because of being bulky, or too large for little wrists.

As the wearables and IoT markets have grown, internet-connected consumer devices are more and more susceptible to hackers.

Here are the top three security issues with tracking devices for consumer hardware:

  1. Encryption keys in the clear. Devices that store security keys and identify users will transmit to its cloud backend. But this traffic can be unencrypted by grabbing the keys right off the device.  
  2. Unsecured Bluetooth. There are many Bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices that create connections with smartphones. But many devices don't encrypt the data across Bluetooth. As a result, they are insecure and open to eavesdropping and hijacking. 
  3. Quick and dirty authentication. Devices that use their own simple username/password for authentication are at risk. Using a trusted identity platform which includes robust alerting and intrusion detection, is harder to hack.

The IoT-enabled child tracking, how does it work 

IoT enabled child tracking devices to continue to evolve. With devices coming in different shapes and sizes: clips, wearables, and phones.

Child Tracking devices have reduced in size and weight and can be worn in many ways. Utilizing built-in loops, they can attach to shoelaces, belt loops, shirt tags or even buttonholes. To locate the child, IoT-enabled tracking devices use a combination of Bluetooth and GPS.

Parents can then use a smartphone app to set up a geofence around specific locations. They will then receive check-in alerts when the child leaves or arrives. Also another popular option is wristband wearables. They enable parents to stay in contact with their children as are result of giving the child more independence.

The IoT-enabled band has a SIM card embedded into the device, which provides connectivity. The band is preprogrammed by the parent with important contact numbers.

The benefits of IoT-enabled child tracking

The ability to locate and track your child in real time is all made possible with IoT-enabled technology.

They are many other benefits that IoT-enabled child tracks include:

  • Keeps track of children in case of abduction
  • Allows children more freedom while being watched
  • Monitors children with special needs who wander
  • Helps monitor children with behavioural problems
  • Gives peace of mind to parents

Velos IoT enabled child tracking

As IoT solutions dominate the tech scene, more sensitive consumer data will be at stake. This means that security in IoT is more critical than ever. As emerging companies think about their own security architecture, it’s important to make sure your partners share your same priorities. We set out to build a safety product for parents and kids,  so security was top of mind - and the motivation behind our AWS partnership. 

Velos IoT-enabled child tracking puts safety for parents and kids at the front of its solution. Offering a network-based solution rather than a SIM-based security solution.

The future of IoT-enabled Kid Tracking with Smart Home Solutions

Network rollout of LPWAN technologies is happening all around the world. This low power wide area technology is the ideal solution for Kid Tracking LoRa GPS devices. Using low data rates and transmitting small amounts of data. As a result of low processing power, battery life lasts longer.

LoRa GPS kid trackers send and receive data based on the new battery-saving LoRa Network Standard. With it, you can locate your child anywhere where there is LoRa!

Smart Home Solutions bring connected home devices to consumers and enable them to track and monitor children and pets, efficiently manage home energy consumption, and remotely monitor and control home lights, health and security. 


Velos IoT-enabled child tracking enables service providers to connect applications and devices. Using a managed connectivity platform to remotely monitor and control applications.

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