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Centre-Pivot Irrigation Global Connectivity

Centre Pivot Irrigation for a more sustainable agriculture

Imagine a large farm struggling with old-fashioned irrigation methods, facing inefficiency and resource depletion. But there exists a game-changer – centre pivot irrigation that can change the way you farm. 

Centre-pivot irrigation enables smart farming, emphasising efficiency, water control, and sustainability for a transformative agricultural approach. But what is centre pivot irrigation?

 What is Center Pivot Irrigation?

Centre pivot irrigation is a highly efficient method in smart agriculture for watering crops. This system features a central pivot with a motor and water pumping station, transporting water from lakes or rivers through underground pipes to the pivot.

How Does it Work?

Centre pivot irrigation operates through a series of systematic steps, ensuring effective crop watering in expansive agricultural fields:

  • Pivot Structure: The process commences with a central pivot, anchoring the irrigation system for smart agriculture.

  • Motor and Pumping Station: Housed within the pivot, a motor and pumping station efficiently propel water throughout the irrigation system.

  • Water Source: Typically, water is sourced from adjacent lakes or rivers, ensuring a continuous supply for smart irrigation needs.

  • Underground Pipes: A network of concealed underground pipes facilitates the efficient transport of water, maintaining a well-organised distribution system.

  • Long Rotating Pipe: Extending from the central pivot, a lengthy pipe equipped with multiple wheels supports the smart irrigation process.

  • Circular Movement: The pipe's circular motion around the central pivot effectively covers a substantial area of the field.

  • Attached Sprinklers: Smart sprinklers strategically placed along the length of the rotating pipe ensure an even and efficient distribution of water over crops as the system moves.

  • Autonomous Operation: The entire smart irrigation system operates autonomously, providing farmers with the convenience of remote control and monitoring. This adds efficiency to large-scale farming operations.

  • Computer Control: Farmers can seamlessly manage the smart irrigation system using computers, adjusting water flow and monitoring overall performance.

  • Precision Agriculture: The system incorporates precision agriculture techniques through the sensor, ensuring optimal water distribution and minimising wastage for efficient water management in smart agriculture.

  • Adaptation to Conditions: Autonomous pivot systems continuously monitor the pivot centre's motion and consider weather conditions to adapt the irrigation process accordingly, contributing to smart irrigation efficiency.

  • Smart Technology Integration: Advancements in smart technologies, including artificial intelligence, cameras, and sensors, enhance the system's capabilities for detecting crop needs and applying fertilisers or pesticides.

Centre pivot irrigation, characterised by its methodical approach and seamless integration of technology, plays a vital role in contemporary farming by enhancing productivity, preserving water resources, and ensuring the well-being of crops via intelligent irrigation practices.


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Smart Farming with Center Pivot Irrigation

Centre pivot irrigation offers a smart and sustainable approach to farming, delivering water precisely to crops in a controlled manner. This minimises water waste and soil erosion, aligning with smart agriculture practices. Powered by solar energy, it not only ensures efficiency but also promotes environmentally friendly practices. Overall, centre-pivot irrigation enhances crop yield while contributing to long-term sustainability in agriculture.

Why is reliable connectivity critical in centre-pivot irrigation?

In centre-pivot irrigation, reliable connectivity is pivotal for efficient operations:

  • Remote Monitoring: Ensures farmers can remotely monitor and control irrigation processes, optimising water distribution in line with water management practices for smart agriculture.

  • Data Precision: Reliable connectivity delivers real-time data on soil moisture, weather, and crop health for informed decision-making in smart agriculture.

  • Operational Efficiency: Enables seamless operation of centre pivot systems, reducing downtime and maximising efficiency, a key aspect of irrigation efficiency.

  • Water Conservation: Facilitates precise control over irrigation, preventing water wastage and promoting sustainable water use, contributing to water management practices.

Reliable connectivity is essential for effective centre-pivot irrigation, allowing farmers to embrace data-driven practices and contribute to sustainable agriculture, especially in smart agriculture and water management.

What role does Velos IoT play in centre-pivot irrigation?

FieldWise LLC, based in Nebraska, is a leading innovator in smart farming solutions, emphasising irrigation efficiency to make agriculture more efficient and eco-friendly. Their key product, the pivot monitor and controller, empowers farmers to oversee their irrigation systems remotely, saving water and reducing labour costs for enhanced productivity.

As FieldWise expanded globally, it encountered challenges in managing IoT costs and ensuring steady connectivity across countries. 

Velos IoT provided a global connectivity solution, enabling FieldWise to concentrate on its core services. 

Through Velos IoT's Nomad Connectivity Management Platform, FieldWise monitors device performance worldwide, ensuring reliable and scalable international connectivity. Velos IoT's support is crucial in conserving water resources in the time-sensitive agricultural sector, where every hour counts.

Centre Pivot Irrigation Case StudyAre you interested in smart irrigation and water management in agriculture?

Download the FieldWise Centre Pivot Monitoring Case Study to understand how Velos IoT effectively resolves emergent problems in IoT-enabled agricultural technology. Explore how this partnership advances smart agriculture, irrigation efficiency, and sustainable water management practices.






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